Sunday, December 12, 2010

M�tley Boo! Vince Neil?s skating days are over

VinceNeil1208.jpg While the on-air fall count didn?t rise this week on Skating With the Stars, the injury count did. Three of the five remaining skating couples left their rehearsals last week either maimed by the dangerous competition or stricken with a stomach flu.

Jonny Moseley?s partner, Brooke Castile, came off the worst after he skated over her finger, leaving her with a deep cut. ?I felt terrible about it,? Jonny tells In Touch. ?The cut was so deep and it was one little mistake ? and all my fault.? Rebecca Budig?s slip in rehearsals left her with a severely sprained wrist, but she assures In Touch, ?It?s okay now, just a little painful.? Brandon Mychal Smith?s injury was not courtesy of the ice, though. The stomach flu he contracted saw him rushed to the emergency room and prevented him from skating on last night?s show. ?I was so scared we?d be eliminated,? his partner, Keauna McLaughlin, tells In Touch. ?We had worked so hard. I just hope he is okay and recovers fast. I?m just grateful they judged us on our rehearsal footage and didn?t eliminate us.?

But the biggest blow went to M�tley Cr�e rocker Vince Neil, who, after falling hard in rehearsal, performed a flawless on-air routine only to be informed ? once the scores and viewer votes were combined ? that he and partner Jennifer Wester had been eliminated from the competition. ?I learned it takes a lot of hard work to skate. I?m proud that when Jennifer would show me something, a few days later I?d be doing, it,? he revealed after the news.?

Vince might be leaving the competition with a few bruises, but is grateful for the newfound friends he made and the positive response he got from the judges. ?He just let it flow and gave us what we wanted in a very romantic way this week,? tough judge Johnny Weir tells In Touch. ?This is really hard and I?m really proud of him. Vince is so likeable and all the judges agreed he was fun to watch because you never knew what to expect.?

?It sucks he?s gone as we all love him. He?s such a really cool guy,? adds Jonny Moseley. ?He is such a sweetheart. With his persona and what he is know for, he really is like a big teddy bear.?

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